GP 2000 SMS offer 2021 Full Process

GP 2000 SMS offer 2021 Full Process

Many of us want to connect with loved ones by sending a lot of SMS. It is followed by GP 2000 SMS offer 2021.

If you buy 2000 SMS once for the whole month, you will not need to purchase any more SMS packages this month.

That’s why almost all Grameenphone SIM users are looking forward to GP 2000 SMS offer 2021. So that this package can be purchased.

This article will mainly discuss how you can easily purchase these 2000 SMS packages and use them throughout the month.

How to buy GP 2000 SMS offer?

Many of us want to purchase these 2000 SMS packages together, but unfortunately, you can’t purchase 2000 SMS together in Grameenphone’s sim.

This is why to do this you have to purchase 1000 SMS packages twice. Then 2000 SMS packages will be added to your account for a period of 30 days.

To make this work much easier, first, visit the following link and then follow the instructions I showed.

Go To


Basically, after visiting the link mentioned above, a sheet of one 1000 SMS purchases will come up, where other details including SMS will be described.

Now that you know all these details, enter your phone number and then click on the “Continue” option.

GP 2000 SMS offer 2021 Full Process
GP 2000 SMS offer 2021 Full Process

After clicking on the Continue button, a verification SMS will be sent to your SIM. Once you put that verification SMS, the work of purchasing 1000 SMS will be completed.

At present, if you purchase 1000 SMS from GrameenSIM it will be priced at: 35.98 Tk, and it is changeable above all.

If you want to purchase a 2000 SMS package, visit the link mentioned above again and then purchase 1000 SMS again.

Since the price of 1000 SMS is 35.98 TK, then the price of 2000 SMS will be 71.96 TK.

Since there is no way to purchase 2000 SMS together. so, you have to purchase a 2000 SMS package in an above-mentioned way.

At a Glance This Offer


  • Please visit this link first.
  • Then complete the purchase of 1000 SMS with your phone number.
  • Re-purchase 1000 SMS for 30 days.

Then the work of purchasing a 2000 SMS package will be completed and you will be able to use this package throughout the month.

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