GP 100 SMS 30 days code And Alternative Offer |

GP 100 SMS 30 days code And Alternative Offer |

If you want to use Grameenphone SIM, can you purchase 100 SMS using GP 100 SMS 30 days code? Even if you can do it?

Today’s article will focus on whether Grameenphone SIM users can purchase this package using GP 100 SMS 30 days code.

GP 100 SMS 30 days code

Unfortunately, the Grameenphone SIM operator has not yet come up with an offer package to purchase 100sms in 30 days.

However, you can use all other existing packages for 100 SMS if you want. Offers include 100 SMS 3Days; Which can be activated by dialing a secret USSD code.

Basically, if you purchase 100 SMS for a period of three days, it will cost 5 Taka and to activate this offer dial *121*1015*1*1#.

100 SMS 3Days

  • Activation Code: *121*1015*1*1#
  • Validity: 3 Days
  • Total cost: 5 TK

Also, with this same offer of 100 SMS, you can buy it within 4 days if you want. If you buy SMS within 4 days, the price will be 7 taka and activation code *121*1015*1#

100 Sms 4 Days

  • Activation Code: *121*1015*1#
  • Validity: 4 Days
  • Total cost: 7 TK

Now maybe you have a question in your mind that it is not possible to purchase 100 SMS within 30 days? Or is there no alternative method?

The thing is that even if 100 SMS cannot be purchased within 30 days, you can buy 200 SMS within 30 days if you want.

If you want to purchase 200 SMS for a period of 30 days, first visit the link that GP-flexiplan has. The link is given below.



After visiting the link mentioned above, select the number of SMS that you need to purchase and then select the expiration date.

And then activate the SMS package with a certain amount of money with your phone number by clicking on the BUY NOW button.

And in this way, any Grameenphone SIM user can purchase 100 SMS in an alternative way even if they do not get the facility to purchase 100sms within 30 days.

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